Mayo Clinic Perinatal Nursing Pre-Conference: Lactation Rochester, MN

Mayo Clinic Perinatal Nursing Pre-Conference: Lactation Rochester, MN

New York, USA
21 February 2018

This pre-conference workshop is designed for nurses, public health nurses, advanced practice providers, lactation consultants, lactation counselors, dietitians, social workers and students caring for the perinatal/neonatal population.

This workshop is designed to provide the tools needed to empower and support the breastfeeding dyad. The presentations will include discussions and strategies from lactation experts, to assist families in reaching breastfeeding goals across the continuum of care.

Pre-Conference Goals:

• Identify strategies to help breastfed babies who have slow or suboptimal weight gain.
• List three reasons and remedies for latching issues and sore nipples.
• Describe interventions when breastfeeding does not go as planned immediately postpartum.
• Describe the methods used to stimulate lactation in adoptive mothers.

All attendees: USD 90

Time: 11:30 am to 4:45 pm

Venue details
Mayo Clinic, Siebens Building
100 Second Avenue SW, Rochester 55905, United States

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